30-Second Film Project

30-Second Film Project + 1/1


Moving to a freelancer makes the entire world feel different. Being at home means having the ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want (and get my work done). I was in the bathroom on the second day of my newly claimed freedom when I looked up at the window and noticed the curtain billowing slowly in the morning breeze. The light was filtering in and creating a reflection on the shower door -- I was in awe of how beautiful that moment was. I picked up my camera having no experience using it for video -- popped it on my tripod -- and then spent 20-minutes having fun observing and learning. I really enjoyed it and since I am the kind of person that needs set goals I decided to start a mini-film project for myself. Each week I am aiming to create a 30-second film, hence the name.

I am new to both film and editing so any feedback is appreciated!